HMS Angora – new TSU!

TSU! just released their second album. It’s amazing… I play on a couple of tracks.

This is one of my favorite projects – good mellow listening mood music.

Nomadic Garden

Over the years I have recorded quite a few songs with Lithuanian musician and fellow nomad, CandyCactus. You can listen to them on her website – look for the section called Nomadic Garden.

Meanwhile, here is a super mellow instrumental mix of a song we recorded in Thailand:

Desecration of the Viola

Here are some of the heavy tones I like to make on the viola.
Recorded live at Montalvo, 2012…


By the way, here is a short excerpt from the concert I played as part of Pamela Z’s ROOM series. I was heckled off the stage by Bernard Zaslav, a famous classical violist. Just google “violagate” if you want the gory details.

This excerpt is just for the record, so you can hear what kind of music it was, and a tiny piece of the heckling, too.




Evangelista – In Animal Tongue

I have been playing with Evangeslista since 2010 or so… in 2011 we made this record, released by the Montreal-based label, Constellation.

Here’s a review excerpt from Amazon:

“And the trains pass through different platforms where someone wants to show what is lost but not gone, what is in shreds but not burned to ashes, this is intimacy asking for a ticket and entering this life, this moment in the shape of music so generous it feels like it is dreaming about itself while it is moving along, the sources are definitely natural, wild and untamed, an essential humanity reaching for its potential and achieving it, then giving it away as this gift of energy, this music.”


One fine winter in Istanbul, Carla Bozulich and I helped my good friend James Hakan Dedeoğlu record some songs he had written – mainly for solo guitar. I loved the songs – minimal yet constantly interesting, with a subtle Turkish vibe coming through now and again.

These songs are now available as the first TSU! album. I play some viola textures on the first track.


Having spent some time in Italy recently, I want to link to some of the extraordinary musicians I have met and played with there…

First the cellists, who have played with Evangelista and have made their own solo records:

Francesco Guerri

Andrea Serrapiglio

And a few bands we have played with, from the Italian underground:

Father Murphy

Silent Carnival


Italians have a kind of friendly, open energy that is like nowhere else.

And – perhaps – a tendency for extreme and dramatic art. Check it out…


Blue Willa

Blue WillaI really love this record by Blue Willa –>



I played a piano part on one track, and helped a very little bit with the mixing – in Dharamshala, India – ! After hearing the album many many times, it was a real peak experience to finally see the band live – opening for Evangelista in Switzerland. They played every song on the album, my favorite show of the year.

The Italian photographer Pamela Maddelano shot a documentary about the making of this album, it’s quite fun to watch and sheds some interesting light on what it is like to make a record these days: