radiaLThis was my big music software project at Cycling ’74.

Around the turn of the millenium, I was using a giant MaxMSP patch to play live shows – including improvised music with a couple of bands (including CRATER), and solo DJ type stuff. David Zicarelli suggested we try to make a commercial product out of it, and a few years later Cycling ’74 released radiaL.

It was a great pleasure to hear the music and sound that people made with radiaL – things that they never could have made without it.

radiaL was also a big experiment, to see if it was possible to make a ‘real’ software product out of a Max patch… it succeeded in the end, but it took a LOT of work. Nowadays the whole process is a bit easier, and there are a bunch of amazing projects made in MaxMSP.

Anyway, radiaL is no longer available – but if you want to read what it was about, here is my favorite review of radiaL, from Sound On Sound magazine.