pluggoboxWhen I started working for Cycling ’74 in 1998, the first product we made together was Pluggo – a collection of highly unusual, creative, and useful plug-ins. Our concept was, 74 plug-ins for $74. At the time, this was a pretty radical step, as was our technique for creating the plug-ins: we wrote them in Max/MSP. I wrote over 30 of the original collection. We had a good time.

Pluggo has been replaced by Max4Live, currently available from Cycling ’74. But as I travel through recording studios and bedroom musicians in strange corners of the world, I am often surprise to hear that Pluggo was known and loved by musicians and sound tinkerers everywhere.

Feedback Network

From a review by Sound on Sound:

Feedback Network

Feedback Network is, to my mind, almost the perfect example of the kind of thing Pluggo excels at. It features a dozen or so sliders, half of which move randomly of their own accord. It has a large Randomize button, which doesn’t do quite what you expect it to, and no amount of familiarity with conventional effects processors will give you the faintest idea what to expect when you pass a signal through it. With the dry level slider turned down, in fact, the input signal is almost irrelevant, as you won’t hear much resembling it in Feedback Network’s output. Instead, what you get is a largely unpredictable, slowly evolving textural mass of feedback and associated noise, suggestive of old science-fiction movie soundtracks and half-remembered nightmares.