HMS Angora – new TSU!

TSU! just released their second album. It’s amazing… I play on a couple of tracks.

This is one of my favorite projects – good mellow listening mood music.

Spool3 released

The new Spool album has arrived!


It’s mellow and atmospheric, very Spool.

These songs took over 5 years to make…

We are slow, but persistent.

You can find Spool3 here:

We hope you have many fine musical escapes with us.

– Spool


PS – We have cobbled together some hilarious merch items to commemorate the occasion:

Spool Robe

Nomadic Garden

Over the years I have recorded quite a few songs with Lithuanian musician and fellow nomad, CandyCactus. You can listen to them on her website – look for the section called Nomadic Garden.

Meanwhile, here is a super mellow instrumental mix of a song we recorded in Thailand:

Desecration of the Viola

Here are some of the heavy tones I like to make on the viola.
Recorded live at Montalvo, 2012…


By the way, here is a short excerpt from the concert I played as part of Pamela Z’s ROOM series. I was heckled off the stage by Bernard Zaslav, a famous classical violist. Just google “violagate” if you want the gory details.

This excerpt is just for the record, so you can hear what kind of music it was, and a tiny piece of the heckling, too.





radiaLThis was my big music software project at Cycling ’74.

Around the turn of the millenium, I was using a giant MaxMSP patch to play live shows – including improvised music with a couple of bands (including CRATER), and solo DJ type stuff. David Zicarelli suggested we try to make a commercial product out of it, and a few years later Cycling ’74 released radiaL.

It was a great pleasure to hear the music and sound that people made with radiaL – things that they never could have made without it.

radiaL was also a big experiment, to see if it was possible to make a ‘real’ software product out of a Max patch… it succeeded in the end, but it took a LOT of work. Nowadays the whole process is a bit easier, and there are a bunch of amazing projects made in MaxMSP.

Anyway, radiaL is no longer available – but if you want to read what it was about, here is my favorite review of radiaL, from Sound On Sound magazine.


Evangelista – In Animal Tongue

I have been playing with Evangeslista since 2010 or so… in 2011 we made this record, released by the Montreal-based label, Constellation.

Here’s a review excerpt from Amazon:

“And the trains pass through different platforms where someone wants to show what is lost but not gone, what is in shreds but not burned to ashes, this is intimacy asking for a ticket and entering this life, this moment in the shape of music so generous it feels like it is dreaming about itself while it is moving along, the sources are definitely natural, wild and untamed, an essential humanity reaching for its potential and achieving it, then giving it away as this gift of energy, this music.”