John Eichenseer – also known as JHNO – is a nomadic musician and technologist. He has produced and toured with Carla Bozulich, Evangelista, Rupa and the April Fishes, TSU!, and an eclectic mix of projects around the world. He plays keyboards, viola, electronics, drums, and duduk. As JHNO and SPOOL he has been releasing albums since 1995, often under his own imprint, Delicate Ear. In parallel he develops music software, for the likes of Cycling ’74, Retronyms, Björk, and Laurie Anderson.

A trained pianist with jazz roots, JHNO has played with Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors, John Zorn’s Duras, John Evans, Abra Moore, and Tina Marsh’s Creative Opportunity Orchestra. As a composer and visionary creator, his audio environments have been presented by San Francisco’s Intersection for the Arts, SFMOMA, the Art Authority at South by Southwest, and the X/XX Experimental Music Festival. His collaborations with modern dance, film, and performance art include work with the Sharir Dance Company, Sally Jacques, Toni Bravo, Jose Bustemante, and David Jewell. He has performed in over 18 countries on four continents, including a solo concert in 2016 at the Église Saint-Merry in Paris. He has apprenticed with master music nomad CandyCactus (Lithuanian singer Evelina Taunyte, of Berlin’s Sleep Signal).

In 2013, his ambient instrumental project SPOOL (with Johnny Ride, a.k.a. John Ridenour) released their third album on Delicate Ear records, entitled SPOOL3. As a solo artist, JHNO has recorded 3 full-length solo CD’s and a 12″ single, as well as several limited releases. He has appeared on Constellation, Record Store Journal, Old Bicycle Records, Instinct, NewDOG/World Domination, Ultraviolet, Crippled Dick Hot Wax, and his own Delicate Ear record labels. Radio appearances include live performances on Italian National Radio, and in Yerevan where he studied traditional Armenian duduk with master Varazdat Hovhannisian.

JHNO has been involved in creative music software, including bespoke artist tools and a few commercially available systems. Most recently he developed an iPad app called Looperverse with Cycling ’74 and Peter Freeman. He has collaborated with Brian Eno, Thomas Dolby, and Michael Brook. With Cycling ’74 he was a key developer for Pluggo, radiaL, and MaxMSP – innovative music software that is used by thousands of artists, notably including Aphex Twin, Autechre, Radiohead, Monolake, and Pauline Oliveros. He pioneered the field of live laptop performance during several years of improvised concerts with Scott Amendola and Nels Cline in the band CRATER.